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With Sanfive ERP you can:

 Automate Business Processes
 Streamline Documentation
 Optimize Warehouse & Logistics Management
 Improve Procurement and Sales Processes
 Improve Client Relationship & Sales
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Inventory Management

Sanfive ERP can do wonders for your Inventory Management. Expect improved management, tracking, automation and full integration:
 Cross-platform: Access data on multiple computer & mobile.
 Optimization: Optimize your inventory across warehouses.
 Full-integration: Integrated with accounts, CRM and DMS.
 Intuitive: Easy to manage & track all of your inventory.
 Live tracking: Track stock level at real time.
 Automation: Automate reordering of items.
 Better stock adjustment: Adjust stock with audit.
 Faster & easier management: Manage barcode items.
 Bulk management: Raise bulk purchase orders.


Document Management

With its ERP Document Management features, our powerful ERP will assure exceptional document management including:
 Centralization: Centralized document repository.
 Organize smarter: Documents grouping by category.
 Management:Document approval flow.
 Integration:Integrated with Inventory system.
 Automation:Auto lodgment using barcode.
 API:External API interfaces.
 Better doc management: Document tracking and monitoring.

User Management


Sanfive ERP assures top notch management of your bank accounts, payments, receivables related to your inventory. The ERP will help you overview and organize any business inventory transaction offering you:
 Better Account Management: Account chart in tree view.
 Easy transaction navigation: Rule based ledger entries.
 Bank data: Integrated bank reconciliation.
 Go bulk:Bulk payments and Bulk receivables.
 Multi-Bulk:Bulk receivables across multiple sub organization.
 Track payments: Partial payments/receivables tracking.
 Matching:Match returns with Invoice/purchase order.
 Aging:Track aging for payments/receivables.


Warehouse Management

Our powerful ERP features assure exceptional warehouse management including:
 Multiple warehouses: To control the flow of stock between warehouses.
 Stock reconciliation: To ensure stock integrity.
 Stock transfer: Easy to transfer product from one warehouse to another.
 Pictograph view: Easy to locate products in warehouse.
 Barcode label: To label Bins and location.
 Bulk creation: Bin and Locations are created with single click.
 Rule based Bin allocation: To manage space efficiently and avoid empty bin's.
 Advanced Report: More insights of each item's sales and purchase trends.



Numerous activities and millions can be saved with smart and efficient logistic processes. The Sanfive ERP software will help you manage the logistic processes much more efficiently by reducing the operational costs, automating the logistic processes and much more, including:
 Best routes: Choosing the most effective routes.
 Organize smarter: Group shipments on common attributes.
 Increase effectiveness: Automatic work order generations.
 Overview: Picklist/Put-away in mobile.
 Digital: Digital signature for goods receipt.
 Better management: Track goods rejection.
 Better management: Track pending shipments.
 Clear overview: Track various stages of logistics.
 Automation: Barcode feature to enable automation.

User Management

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

The key to any business's long-term success is exceptional client relationship management. Our ERP software offers a lot of useful features for effective CRM including:
 Don't miss out: Track sales opportunities.
 See results: Track and measures marketing campaigns.
 Integration: Integrated with inventory system.
 Increase sales: Tracking leads and conversion.
 Improve support: Action items for greater customer service.
 Top-notch communication: Multiple communication channels.
 Reporting: Reports to get real time sales projection.


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